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The purpose of my business is make well yours!

I'm a italian freelance, specialized in graphic cover art for authors and publishers. I have several years of experience, and the constant and growing consensus reached in these years allowed me to strengthen and increase the partnership with a lot of publishing houses and independent authors. I do the best job in the world, and I have to thanks my customers for this.
Thanks for this chance, I'm ready for new challenges!

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Clients Say

I was recommended Cora Graphics, along with a couple of other designers, for my new romance trilogy. I happened to go to Cora Graphics website first to look at her work and I was immediately taken with her beautiful and unique designs. I dutifully checked out the other websites but I knew in my heart I wanted to work with Cora. She told me the dates she could do my covers, several months away (which I had expected). The first thing I noticed about working with Cora is she does what she promises when she promises. She also knows the right questions to ask. This is not as easy as it sounds. A cover artist has to intuitively understand how to give an author what they think they want, while producing a cover that is wholly professional. I believe this an innate talent which sets a few designers above all the rest. Cora is one of those designers. Each cover she designed for me exceeded not only my expectations but my hopes.
Alice Bells, author of The Dhampirs Trilogy

Cora Graphics took a drawing I provided and used it with originality and flare to subtly and economically convey the central theme of my book: history repeating itself. B y putting the image of two of the central characters in a clock face, with one deft move she effortlessly captured the central idea and ambiance of the novel. This demonstrates that she is a canny designer who thinks carefully and inventively about how best to tease out the requirements of the brief. It is a cover that looks great in full res' and also as a thumbnail. She provided choices with her designs, was quick to respond to suggested changes, and the version I chose in the end was the first one she put up - she'd hit the nail on the head first go!
Tom Conyers

I always love looking at Cora's covers. They are colorfully vibrant, and always have a story to tell. They take you to a different dimension within your imagination and are well balanced. People who see her covers stop and stare in awe, with an expression that tells me their attention has been fully captured by the presentation of the artwork. That is the first thing the cover of a book should do, attract the eye. It is what keeps me coming back for more of her work, time and again.
Mary Ann Abraham

Cora is the Mistress of Magic when it comes to designing book covers. Cora Graphics could not be better named, because she choreographs the author’s story with her artistic vision for its cover.
Parris Afton Bonds

Working with Cora is always a joy. She has a keen eye for detail, listens patiently to my needs, and always produces a professional looking book cover. Highly recommended.
Ken Hattaway

I found Cora Graphics through one of the authors under our label, Melissa Mayberry, and fell in love with the work she did for the Mellifica series. The first purchase I made was one of her pre-made covers that struck me as the perfect replacement for The Capable Man by Marc Hamlet, another author under Novel Concept Publishing and that cover won an award! Since then, I have tapped her for both pre-mades and custom work for my own covers. She is responsive, easy to work with and her talent for crafting stunning and captivating covers has excelled way beyond my expectations. I love working with Cora and would recommend her in a heartbeat!.
J.E. Taylor - Author and Co-Owner of Novel Concept Publishing.

Covers by Cora Graphics are amazing and I get compliments about them often. I have referred Cora many times to other Indie authors because I think her work is exceptional and well worth the price. She is also easy to work with, responsive, and accommodating. She delivers an excellent cover every time.
Ally Thomas

I'm not sure if I can find the words to describe just how amazingly talented I think Cora is. Since discovering her, I have never used anyone else to do my covers, and as long as she remains in this business I will only use her. All I have to do is give her a basic idea of what I'm looking for on my cover and when she sends me the initial result, it was as though she was in my head and saw just what I had envisioned in my minds eye. I have recommended Cora to many authors and even music bands and they have all gone on to using her. If you want quality work and someone that is extremely easy to work with, then I highly recommend Cora Graphics to won't be disappointed.
Author C. L. Pardington / Author Ireland Taylor

I am a full time author and writing is my job. I need beautiful covers to sell my stories for a living. Cora has created some of the most breathtaking covers I’ve ever seen. She brings my story and characters to life with her brilliant designs. Every time she delivers one of my covers, I am mesmerized by the colors and the beauty she creates. People tell me I must’ve hired a $1,000 cover artist. I tell them I have a secret, and her name is Cora. Cora delivers beautiful quality work at an affordable price. She is patient and kind and will keep working with you until your dream is achieved. She is so easy to work with and has so many creative ideas. I recommend Cora because she blows me away with one fantastic book cover after another. I’ve recommended countless friends to her. After using her one time, they are hooked! Just as I am! The day I put up Eternal Destiny with my new cover Cora created, my sales jumped and I hit number one in my genre. It was amazing and goes to show you that one needs an amazing cover to hit those charts. Cora can deliver those fantastic covers! Give her a try and I promise you won’t be disappointed.
– Chrissy Peebles – bestselling author of The Zombie Chronicles, The Ruby Ring Saga, and The Crush Saga.

The Capable Man of Marc Hamlet by Novel Concept Publishing. Award Ebook Cover Design Gold Star - February 2014